Tuesday, February 13, 2018

London's Afternoon Teas Guide Book

Do you have travel plans to London, and wish to enjoy afternoon tea?
Or, do you just want to enjoy photos and facts about afternoon teas in London? 
The newly published book by Susan Cohen,
 "London's Afternoon Teas, A Guide to the Most Exquisite Tea Venues in London"
is for you!  
This is an updated and expanded guide with more than 50 lovely places
to enjoy afternoon tea in and around London
with an excellent map. 

The photography is outstanding. 

I have a 2003 version of a similar book by this author and loved using it
to plan tea venues to visit in London.  
This new book makes me want to pack my bags for London!

Please Note:  I received an advance copy of this book, however
the review is my own opinion. 

Friday, February 9, 2018

Tea in America Program

I presented the program for the nearby Rockcastle DAR Chapter on Monday evening. 
I have presented this program, 
"Tea in America - Before, During and After the Revolutionary War"
several times through the years for Daughters of the American Revolution Chapters, 
including my own chapter, the Berea-Laurel Ridges Chapter. 
 I demonstrated the five loose leaf Chinese teas documented to have been 
thrown overboard into the Boston Harbor on 
December 16, 1773 by the Sons of Liberty. 

Below: I demonstrated the difference between tea bag and loose leaf hand-picked teas.
 The DAR members enjoyed the history and asked several questions
about tea. I always appreciate questions after a presentation. 
Above: I am the Regent of the Berea-Laurel Ridges Chapter
and Debra Brown is the Regent of the Rockcastle Chapter. 

Thursday, February 1, 2018

The Lacemaker and Tea

Recently, I posted about two recent books by
my friend, Christian author Laura Frantz. 
I have since read  The Lacemaker, released January 2nd.
Tea is mentioned several times in this novel
about Tories and Patriots during the American Revolution.
I had just put the finishing and updated revisions on my
Daughters of the American Revolution tea talk, I will
present on Monday evening to a nearby chapter.
I thoroughly enjoyed the story of The Lacemaker
 and especially the research Laura put into the references to tea. 

Monday, January 15, 2018

Tea Theme Salt and Pepper Alert

 I saw this "tea-for-one" style salt and pepper shaker set at Cracker Barrel on Sunday.
It is so cute, and perfect for any tea lover's kitchen table!

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Recent Books by Laura Frantz

 I read A Moonbow Night during our after Christmas
travels to Hilton Head.
Laura Frantz is a Christy Award finalist and bestselling author of several books.
She lives and writes in a log cabin in in our area of Kentucky.
Just so you know, A Moonbow Night is not a book about tea.
It is a novel about settlers in rugged Kentucky during the 1770's,
the Daniel Boone and Fort Boonesborough years, and is
a fascinating story set near Cumberland Falls (see photo at bottom)
By the way, Fort Boonesborough is right here on the Kentucky River,  
in Madison County, KY.
Laura's new novel, The Lacemaker, was released on January 2.
This book is next on my list to read.  The story takes place in the colony
of Virginia during the American Revolution.
Laura, in the center of the photo below, is the newest member
of the Berea-Laurel Ridges DAR Chapter.
On the left is our chapter registrar and genealogist, Wanda. 
 I am  on the right and I'm the chapter regent.  
Peyton below at Cumberland Falls in July, 2016.

Monday, January 8, 2018

Steep Echo Olive Leaf Teas

 Yes, you read that correctly.
"Tea" made from olive leaves, herbs and flavorings.
Glenn received this lovely packaged gift from a business friend,
and owner of Bel Lavoro Olive Orchards,
Santa Barbara, CA
You can read the ingredients listed in the photos of each label below.


These are herbal infusions or tisanes,
and not "real tea" as in Camellia sinensis.
But, alas, that's one of my several tea pet peeves. 
Glenn has been enjoying these herbal infusions in the evenings. 
He does not drink or eat anything with caffeine,
so these herbals "Suit him to a T."


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