Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Organic Breakfast Tea

My tea this morning is Harney and Sons Organic Breakfast Tea.
It is a certified organic hand-picked loose leaf traditional blend
of Indian black tea in pyramid sachets.
The blend is Assam and a "smooth south Indian tea."
Austin and I will be drinking several cups of this tea because
 it's another snow day!
(Five snow days since Christmas break)

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

How To Make Tea (Book)

The Art and Science Behind the Leaf
by Brian R. Keating and Kim Long
arrived from Amazon yesterday. 
 There are many illustrations, but no full-color photos in the 159-page book,
published in the UK in 2015.
This book is divided into six sections.
1. The Tea Plant
2. Tea Chemistry
3. Tea and Taste
4. Buying and Storing Tea
5.. The Basic Necessities
6. How to Make Tea
The "How To Make Tea" section includes directions and
illustrated details for the following:
Gongfu Cha Technique
Brewing English Tea
Brewing Indian Spiced Chai
Tea in Japan
Tea in North America

I just began reading this book last night
and I'm still in part one, The Tea Plant.
It may just be one of my favorite books on tea!  

Monday, February 8, 2016

Signs of Spring

 Winter weather is predicted to arrive here in Kentucky again this week, 
but I always feel like spring is close when the March/April issues of 
Tea Time and Southern Lady magazines arrive in my mailbox.  
Both of these lovely publications are produced by Hoffman Media of Birmingham, AL. 
 The March/April Tea Time always puts me in the mood for a spring tea, 
and this issue does that.  I enjoy the articles, photography, recipes,
tea party planning and more!
I look forward to making the easy Gluten Free Cream Scones recipe on page 29.
It is made with gluten free all-purpose flour and heavy whipping cream. 
 The cover of the March/April Southern Lady with the classic lemon cake on the 
cover is a winner before I open the cover.  I love lemon desserts.  
The capital city Frankfort, Kentucky is featured in an 8-page article. 
 The article highlights the beautiful capitol building and governor's mansion, 
historic homes, shopping, and restaurants in the city located on the Kentucky River. 
It is always special to read about my home state in publications,
especially when I can enjoy them with a nice cup of tea. 

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Chocolate Pot

The differences in teapots, chocolate pots and coffee servers were
a topic of discussion on the Afternoon Tea Across America Facebook Group today.
I thought I would re-post a photo of the Chocolate Pot
given to me by Aunt Ida several years before she passed away.
It was one of her "treasures" found on antiquing journeys with her friends.
The set has 4 cups and saucers and all are marked RS Prussia.
Tucked inside the pot is a newspaper clipping from 1999,
telling how genteel women around the USA, around 1906,
took china-painting/art classes.
"While the maid did the house work, the ladies were looking for something to do."
Aunt Ida had a great sense of humor and a gusto laugh.
She got a kick out of the headline on the article about the chocolate
pot featured in the article. 
"Bored Housewife Probably Painted pot in 1906." 
I don't think Aunt Ida was "bored" a day in her life! 

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Teddy Tea Time

 I recently found this vintage Childhood Moments Collection
"Teddy and Me Time"
My granddaughter Kaitlyn (now 14) used to have tea parties with
her teddies.  What fun tea time memories!
Below is one of my favorite photos of Kaitlyn at tea time.
This was when she was about 5 years old at Mrs. Teapot's Tea Room in Bellvue, KY

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Three Cultivar Red Tea

 Three Cultivar Red is a Chinese black tea from Red Blossom Tea Company in San Francisco.
It has no astringency or bitterness and the taste is much like a nice Oolong. 

 I blogged about this delicious tea on May 8, 2013.
Unfortunately, I am experiencing computer and Internet
difficulties and can't put the link here.  

Sorry, but I won't be back to blogging until my major Internet issues are solved.
Hope to return soon.   


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