Thursday, April 27, 2017

Picturesque Honfleur - Day 4

After a long day, we arrived in upper Normandy and stopped for dinner
at Honfleur, a very picturesque port on the Seine.  
Our group split up into small groups to have dinner at various
 restaurants and sidewalk cafes. 
Above: Glenn, Austin and I were joined by Susan, Ty and Carmen. 
 My gluten free dinner below. 
Everyone wandered around and explored
Below: Ty Austin, and Carmen. 

The lovely port has been painted many times by artists
including Courbet, Boudin and Monet.  

As you can see from my blog posts, traveling with teenagers
on educational tours = very, very long days!  

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Ferry to France - Day 4

Continuing from Canterbury to Dover, we arrived at the ferry
at our appointed time to take the "Pride of Kent" to Calais.
The cliffs of Dover at the dock.
Our bus took us to the dock where our luggage was loaded onto
small carts and stored.  We walked onto the boarding area.
Most ferry travelers were in cars or trucks.
Beginning with the Ferry, Austin, Glenn and I embarked
on travels we had never experience before. 
Prior to this trip, Glenn and I had only been to Paris for one day.
The adventures for us began here... 
Snacks and beverages helped with our energy level. 
Packaged Madeleines were in all the shops in France. 
We had lunch on-our-own on the ferry in the nice cafeteria.
Izzy, Candice, Ty, Sam and Austin exploring the ferry. 
When we arrived at Calais, we boarded a bus.
Franz, the driver, was from Belgium (as was the bus).
Franz, after several days of touring, delivered us to our Paris hotel.  

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Canterbury Teatime

I was determined to find a cup of tea in Canterbury.
After little sleep and a very early morning,
I was so happy to find this delightful tearoom
just off the town square and entrance to the Cathedral. 

I was the only morning customer and to my delight they had
one gluten free item on the menu -
a gluten free Victorian Sponge Cake. 
Thanks to international phone service, I promptly called Austin to join me.

Austin is very thoughtful and ordered "take-away" orders for
Glenn and Mr. F, the other GF traveler in our group. 
Although I don't have a photo, Glenn and Mr. F. joined us
for tea and cake. They were happy, happy, too!

The three tiered server below would be a lovely afternoon tea. 

Monday, April 24, 2017

Canterbury - Day 4

We departed our London hotel very early on Monday, April 3
and drove to Canterbury to tour the cathedral and enjoy the
pretty little town.
Major renovations are in progress at Canterbury Cathedral.
This was our family's second visit to the Canterbury.
The above is a military burial site, therefore the wreath of poppies. 

 The town of Canterbury is a delightful place to visit.

Friday, April 21, 2017

London at Night - Day 3

 After spending the afternoon in Windsor, we returned to London
for the evening. What fun! 



To put our schedule in perspective:
 Day 1 - afternoon and overnight travel,
Day 2 - 11 am arrival at Heathrow with 2 long hours in line at Customs
then we hit the ground running (literally) for the afternoon of touring London.
A school group of 19 from Seattle joined our group of 17
 upon their arrival and traveled with us throughout the tour.
Day 3 - actually our 2nd day in London and Windsor
This was my 7th trip to London and England. 
And yes, I fell asleep every time the bus moved! 

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Windsor Castle Tea Mementos

 This was my fourth visit to Windsor Castle.
If you visit London, take a quick bus or train to Windsor.
The little town and the castle is one of my favorite places to visit in England.
My "mission" was to purchase "something" in celebration
of the Queen's Sapphire Jubilee, 65 years on the throne.  

 The inside rim of the cup reads
"H.M. Queen Elizabeth II Our Longest Reigning Monarch"
From the enclosure card below:
"This official range of china has been commissioned exclusively
by Buckingham Palace.  It celebrates this great and historic date
with a specially painted Coat of Arms
inspired by the original Coronation Programme design of 2nd June 1953."
Below: Commemorative Tea Towel 

 Below:  Royal Blend Buckingham Palace Tea
Breakfast, Afternoon and Earl Grey

Needless to say, I departed Windsor a happy, happy tea lady!


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