Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Chatsford Teapot

The teapot in the photo is a 2-cup Dutcthess English Bone China Chatsford Teapot. The pattern is “Tranquillity.”
I became acquainted with the Chatsford teapot while traveling in England in 1995. My husband and I were chaperones for a group of teenage folk dancers, including our youngest daughter, on a 17 day dancing tour of England, Scotland and Wales, but, believe me, that is a story for another day!*smile*

The Chatsford® Strainer Tea System is a custom fitting removable fine mesh nylon strainer (infuser). It makes loose leaf tea as easy to brew as teabags! I prepare loose leaf tea several times every day. If I don't want to prepare an entire pot, I use the small infuser from the 2-cup pot in my special Bone China mug to brew one mug at a time.


Steph said...

I also use and LOVE those infuser baskets! They just make it soooo easy, as you say.

Dr.Gray said...

I agree removable filters are so much easier to clean. But wish it wasnt nylon. It may leech some bad stuff into the tea.


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