Monday, February 25, 2008

Aunt Mary's Teapot

The only mark on this sturdy teapot to indicate its origin is a stamped “USA” on the bottom. This teapot resided for many years in my Aunt Mary’s kitchen until I brought it to my home shortly before she died at age 87 in January, 2000. Aunt Mary was one-of-a-kind, made in the USA just like this teapot. She was a school teacher, having taught in one and two room schools in Kentucky and later in an elementary school in Florida where she and Uncle Aden lived for about 15 years. My uncle was well known as one of the best auto mechanics in the area. Only a few people knew he only had a second grade education. After retiring, they moved back to KY to be near our family, as they had no children. Uncle Aden passed away a few years later. Aunt Mary was a widow for 23 years. She was a hard-working Appalachian lady and a strong Christian. As a school teacher, she was very influential on the lives of her students. She was strict, but she truly cared for her students. Many people have told me how important she was in their young lives, even providing them shoes to wear to school when they had none. She was my mother’s sister and was very important in my life, too.

I doubt this beautiful teapot was used to make a pot of tea. There are no tea stains inside it to indicate it was ever used. I presume the teapot was a gift, because I can not imagine Aunt Mary spending money to buy something she would not use. She drank and served coffee and iced tea daily, but never hot tea. She was an excellent Appalachian cook. Fried chicken, homemade biscuits, cornbread, shuck beans and jam cake were among her specialties. During her later years, as her health failed, she became blind. It was my privilege to be able to care for her when could no longer. I am honored to have this beautiful, sturdy teapot in memory of Aunt Mary.


Rosemary said...

What a beautiful tribute to Aunt Mary. She sounds like someone I would have enjoyed knowing. Thanks for sharing. Nancy

Melissa Jennings said...

Thanks for your tribute to Aunt Mary. She was a wonderful great Aunt and I too have very fond memories of her. Playing "school" when I went to visit her, going to "Jerry's" for dinner with her and watching "Hee Haw" together. She is greatly missed but not forgotten.


Steph said...

What a wonderful memory for you to share. Your love for Aunt Mary shines through.

Paula said...

A wonderful tribute to your Aunt Mary. You truly are a beautiful person, Linda.


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