Monday, February 4, 2008

Chatsford Brown Betty Teapots

The teapots I most often use when brewing tea for myself and my family are these simple, classic design Chatsford Tea System Brown Betty teapots. The 2 and 4 cup teapots in this photo are authentic Brown Bettys are made by The London Teapot Company in England. The Brown Betty is know for better heat retention and better tasting tea because of the red clay and glaze used in making these teapots. I purchased these teapots in a tea shop in Tewkesbury, England in 2002. After having cream tea, I chose pretty white "betty" teapots to purchase. The gentleman server/sales clerk was wrapping my purchases when the lady cook came out of the kitchen and advised me to buy the brown ones instead. Her reasoning was they don't show tea stains and would be more sensible than the white ones. Although I felt badly about it, I informed the gentleman I had changed my mind and he put aside the bubble wrapped white ones and began wrapping the brown ones. He was a thin, tall and very British gentlemanly looking fellow. He probably remembered this American family for quite a while after our visit to his tiny shop because, in addition to the double work caused by me, Austin, who celebrated his 3rd birthday just a few days later, "taught" the gentleman while he was serving our tea, a person should say "you're welcome" after someone (in this case, Austin) said "thank you." Oh my, that was one of those "I want to drop through the floor" moments for this mom! We laugh about it now as we sit and sip our tea made in these special teapots.



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