Sunday, February 3, 2008

Football Is Not My Cup of Tea

Today is Super Bowl Sunday. Although football is not my cup of tea, I put on my jeans and tee shirt and made a couple of snacks to take to a Super Bowl party later today at the home of friends. This will be a family party with the children outnumbering the adults.
Here are the easy recipes I made:

Sausage Balls
3 cups Bisquick
1 lb. sausage, mild or hot
1 lb. grated cheddar cheese
Mix ingredients by hand.
Roll into small balls, place on a cookie sheet and bake at 375 degrees for 20 minutes.
Makes 64 sausage balls

Shrimp Spread
1 8 oz. cream cheese
1 8 oz. jar cocktail sauce
1 4 oz. can tiny shrimp, drained well
Spread cream cheese thinly on a serving platter.
Spread the cocktail sauce on top of the cream cheese.
Drain the shrimp and sprinkle over the cocktail sauce.
Serve with crackers (I use Triscuits or Wheat Thins)

Most people who know me very well know that I love trival information. Karen, who lives in Ada, Ohio, the home of Wilson Footballs sent me these tidbits.
Every point scored in a Super Bowl Game since the first one in 1941 has been scored with a Wilson's football
There were 12,600 footballs made for this year's game - 282 game balls and the rest will be sold as souvenirs or given as special awards.
They sell for $130 each.
Wilson's is the only football factory in the United States.
Several years ago they (the NFL and others ) were going to buy from China and everyone from the local mayor to the state legislature fought to keep the sale and production the footballs in Ada, OH - USA!!
Wilson's produces between 700,000 and 800, 000 footballs a year. Many are special orders.
They also produce "junior" footballs. The juniors weigh 5.6 pounds each and the NFL/college balls weigh 6.4
In 1976 they made red, white and blue footballs.

Thanks, Karen for the Wilson's football trivia! Armed with this "valuable" information and the names of the teams playing (hubby just told me), I am much better prepared to watch the commercials, er, I mean football game.


Rosemary said...

Loved the football trivia! And the Sausage ball recipe looks pretty easy... will have to try those! Thanks for sharing.


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