Saturday, March 8, 2008

Tea and Girl Scout Cookies

Tea and Girl Scout Cookies, a great combination! Unfortunately, I have eaten more than my fair share! My favorite this year is the Lemonades™ described as lemon iced shortbread slices and in my opinion, perfect with a cup of tea. The only problem is that I can't stop at one cookie as they are addictive! I ordered 6 boxes from a sister of soccer teammate and my husband ordered 6 boxes from a girl on the basketball team, plus 2 boxes from a dad at work. Neither of us knew the other had ordered so we have an abundance. But, that is OK. I was a Girl Scout and a Leader for our daughters and volunteer in several positions for many years. It is an excellent service organization. There were times I questioned my sanity as a volunteer when I was unloading trucks of cookie cases, on camping trips, using the latrine, cooking over an open fire and dealing with girls who had never been away from home at night. It's more fun these days to just order and eat the cookies!


Gwen said...

Those are really delicious cookies!! I am glad that I are them at my neighbor's house and didn't have any to get into at home.


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