Friday, June 20, 2008

Visiting Stonehenge

A trip to England would not be complete without a visit to Stonehenge, the #1 tourist attraction in the country! We stopped on our our last full day in England as we drove from Devon toward the London Gatwick area.


BritGal' Sarah said...

Actually the #1 is now the London Eye!

Brit's just don't get the fascination for Stonhenge from Americans. Sure we appreciate it but I would never pay to see it when I have seen it all my life from the road! The Hubster ribs me about this and is always telling others about how we under-rate it as an attraction!

Linda said...

Sarah, I told GJ the place was full of American tourists and he couldn't figure out how I knew that. I told him to look at their shoes -- they were a dead give-away -- Nike's, New Balance and Sketchers. Trainers, as you Brits call them!!


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