Thursday, June 26, 2008

Tea and Etiquette Books

Due to luggage space and weight restrictions, I limited my book shopping in England and Scotland to guidebooks at the various castles and palaces we visited, the teatime recipe books in the top photo and The National Trust Book in the bottom photo, Her Ladyship's Guide to Modern Manners. Both teatime and etiquette are fascinating to me and these little books fit nicely in my carry-on bag!


Alice said...

I know that the rules of etiquette are in place to make things easier for people; there are no doubts about what to do, no fumbling around for the right way to behave in a particular situation. But some rules just seem unnecessary to me.

I was thinking about the pinkie not extended when drinking tea rule. Why would this possibly matter to anyone? How could hand position in this modern day be an issue? And what about eating a scone, some say to cut it horizontally and others say don't you dare. I say the persons who judge others by how they eat a scone are probably people I wouldn't want to share tea with.

I find a lot of tea etiquette especially to be made up by people wanting to sell books or offer seminars on the subject. Having said all that, my friends call me Ms. Manners because I actually am rather particular about certain things. LOL.


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