Friday, July 11, 2008

My Tea "Bags"

I purchased the silver teapot shaped purse in the top photo several years ago from the gift shop at Lady Marpelet's Tearoom in Cookeville, TN when my friend Mary and I were there for afternoon tea. Even Mary was surprised when I bought it because I am very conservative in my clothing and accessories. I couldn't resist it as a joke on Daughter # 1, Melissa. She gave exactly the shocked reaction I expected when she saw it. I got a good laugh out of it. It was worth the price I paid just for that! I did eventually carry it to one tearoom and it's been hanging around since.

The other two tea "bags" are actually tote bags I use to carry "stuff" in. The middle one was a gift from Elmwood Inn when I participated in their Tea 101 seminar in 2001. The bottom one was a treat for myself purchased at Harrod's in London while I was on the Tea in London Tour 2007.

Although I drink loose leaf tea, I am always on the lookout for just the right tea "bag".


Angela McRae said...

Ohhhhh, I LOVE your bags! I've almost bought that first bag a couple of times, but like you I'm a bit conservative in my dress. Love the Elmwood bag, and that Harrods bag! Wonder if I can find one on eBay ... hmmm ....

Bonita said...

That teapot purse is so darling! If I ever find one of those I'm getting it!


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