Monday, August 11, 2008

Charleston Tea Plantation Visit, part 2

This photo of AJ and KJ under the Live Oak Trees with hanging Spanish Moss at the Charleston Tea Plantation shows a bit of the beauty of the deep south USA. Standing in the shade under these trees gives the visitor a bit of respite from the hot temperatures and high humidity needed for success of tea growth here.
AJ and GJ are on the trolley touring the back tea fields on the plantation. We were surprised to see the name of the trolley is Man O' War and to learn that it was purchased from the city of Lexington, KY which is just a few miles north of our Kentucky home.
A worker mowing around a field of tea plants to help maintain weed control.
Bob, our tour guide and trolley driver, invited us to pick up hoes and weed this new field of camellia sinensis on the back of the plantation. Needless to say, everyone on the trolley declined and stayed on to complete the tour.

This piece of equipment is known as the "Green Giant" and is used at the Charleston Tea Plantation for picking or harvesting the tea. Two workers were going through the fields hand pulling weeds prior to the Green Giant harvesting process. I must admit seeing the Green Giant and learning about the Charleston Tea Plantation growing and harvesting process gave me a much better appreciation for the fine hand picking of tea harvesting in other tea-producing countries.

After the tour of the fields, we visited the processing plant and gift shop. Come back tomorrow to see more photos....


Paula said...

I think working the field would bring an all new level of appreciation to drinking a cup!

Angela McRae said...

Since I visited the tea plantation this year too, I enjoyed reliving the trip through this post. Sounds like your family had a great time!

Steph said...

Oh, I am so loving this post! I've never been, but I hope to get there next year! Yeah for you - so fun!!!


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