Sunday, August 24, 2008

Just a Cup of Tea

I took this photo of a cup of tea at a roadside tearoom in England. The photo shows the typical way tea is served in a small English tearoom. And, yes there is a teabag in that little metal teapot. Since most of the world's tea is grown in India, I am going to assume this is a cup of Indian tea.
The memory of this photo and the serenity of sharing this particular tea experience with my fellow Tea In London Tour companions in March 2007, has kept my temper *somewhat* under control this week as we experienced the loss of our Windstream server. The server was down for seven days. It was as if our email and Internet did not exist. We could not check email remotely from work or anywhere. In my opinion, GJ,the hubby, and I talked with every Windstream computer technician in India about our problem. We were told it would be 6 to 8 hours then 24 hours then 24 more hours then they finally admitted they had no idea when it would be back! I would have tried to have a little tea discussion with one of these guys, but I'm sure he would not have had a readily available scripted answer on the subject. Because, in my opinion, a script is what they used -- except last night when one fellow hung up on GJ. Can we help it if we don't understand heavily accented Indian English and had to ask for them to repeat several times?? It was so bad that the publisher of our local newspaper ran a column on it!
We seem to be partially back on for now, so if I disappear again from the blog world, just bear with me, because it will mean Windstream has lost us again. If that happens, I will move to a different Internet server but I will return.
I'm off to drink another cup of tea. I think I'll have a cup of Charleston Tea Plantation tea this time around. I promise I'll be in a better mood after a few more cups of tea.


Paula said...

How awful! We use the Insight Cable DSL here in Lexington. We've had it for 3 years and have only lost service 3 times, and it's only been a few hours or less each time.

Anonymous said...

"I feel your pain", Linda! I had Sirius satellite radio installed in my car today and the tech support guy I had to deal with -"Santiago" - in order to activate the account was located in the Dominican Republic! I, too, needed several cups of tea by the time it was all over!

Rosemary said...

What a disconnect we feel when we no longer have internet or computer access. How frustrating an experience... and such a long time until it was resolved... you did need a cup of tea! Hopefully it will not happen again.

Angela McRae said...

Well, at least I now know the explanation for why I've been missing your blog! (I thought maybe you were journeying across country taking "Princess Camellia" home.) I had a similar experience with a "customer service rep" when trying to cancel my old Internet service. I nearly hit the roof when I learned he didn't cancel the service, he signed me up for a more expensive plan! It got resolved, but not before my nerves were shot over the ordeal!

mjenningsdesigns said...

I am glad to hear you are BACK! :-)

La Tea Dah said...

Linda, I understand your frustrations! We've had similar problems and it's so hard to understand, sometimes. If it happens again, your public library could be most helpful! Unless, of course, they are served by Windstream as well. When the blogging urge hits full force and your Internet is down, you sometimes have to take drastic measures --- I've done this --- and the trip to the library to use their computer soothes my frustrated heart! LOL!

It looks like you are back again -- and that's great!



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