Sunday, September 28, 2008

Fall Door Decoration

Kentucky is one of the states in the USA that definitely has four seasons. Decorating with the seasons is fun. We have a narrow space between our storm door and front door. Many wreaths are too big to fit between the two doors, therefore it is a challenge at the change of the seasons to find a door decoration that works. A local shop had a fall open house a couple of weeks ago. I purchased this swag. I am very pleased it fits quite well without smashing the bow every time the door is closed. While I'm talking about my front door -- it has been different colors over the 20 years we have lived in our house. We had the exterior of the house painted this spring and I decided to go with a white door to match the trim of the house. But, a girl can always change my mind with a new coat of paint! *smile*


mjenningsdesigns said...

I really like that swag and the door painted white! Boy, it has been too long since I have been "home" season makes it tough to travel for sure!

Steph said...

Very nice! In terms of leaf color this year, I'm just starting to see the turning of the leaves here in IN...I'm guessing I'm about a week or two ahead of you.

Enjoy fall!

Anonymous said...

How pretty. Happy fall. It's such a wonderful season.

Anonymous said...

Love the swag, Linda. I recently autumn'd up my front porch, too. I'm so glad it's fall!!!


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