Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Dancing "Lady"

I don't watch much TV, but I admit I won't miss an episode of Dancing With the Stars. I always loved dancing TV shows going back to American Bandstand and the days when Nick Clooney (aka George's dad) hosted a TV dance show in Lexington, KY.

GJ and I took dance lessons off and on for several years. I said he was too stiff and had no rhythm, and he said I always tried to lead. I always said somebody had to until the instructor told me the same thing! (Oops!) After managing to dance (using that term loosely) around the floor at a few functions, we gave it up.

So that brings me to Susan Lucci and the current season to Dancing With the Stars. In an earlier life when I watched soap operas, I watched All My Children faithfully. Erica Kane is one of those characters you love and hate and love to hate! A couple of summers ago I found myself standing in line behind Susan Lucci in the ladies room at a Broadway theater in NYC. She is very pretty, very petite and very elegant. She was smiling and friendly to those who approached her. And, she stood in line just like the rest of us. After she departed, the attendant assured us she was always a "lady."

Well, I guess it takes more than being a "lady" to dance well. Her fan base kept her in the competition for seven weeks although she was in the bottom two the past 2 weeks. You gotta admire her for wearing those "interesting" costumes, going back and forth from LA to NYC to work, and hanging in there dancing in front of millions of viewers.

With only one female left in this season's DWTS competition, it will be interesting to see who is eliminated next week or if the last "lady" remains!


Marilyn Miller, the Marmalady said...

Oh Linda,
I also follow Dancing with the Stars and All My Children. It was fun to hear your Susan Lucci story.

Winifred said...

I love the British version of this programme too. They work so hard you have to admire them, they must ache everywhere.

I'm amazed by the gorgeous frocks, I wonder if they get to keep them!

Like you I'm not a great dancer and I got my husband to go to lessons too. Although we had a great laugh, we weren't very good.

I'm hoping to give it another go and trying to persuade him to go to a weekly "tea dance" when he retires.

mjenningsdesigns said...

I remember you watching All My Children as a "child" and I love her too!

You and Dad are great dancers! In your daughter's eyes :-)

Gramma Ann said...

I like you don't watch much TV anymore most of it is just not my "cup of tea" but I like you watch "Dancing..." and watch it each week. I hated to see Susan go also. I thought Cloris was a 'hoot' but it is a dancing contest.

I love tea it is my favorite drink.


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