Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Christmas Themed Tea Table: Christmas Vacation, Snowflakes and more

Christmas Vacation I thought this table was one of the most creative and certainly the most whimsical Christmas theme at the tea on Saturday. The centerpiece was a Moose Santa Cookie Jar filled with homemade cookies and a Chevy Chase Christmas Vacation DVD. The table topper and napkins were made from fabric featuring the various U.S. states. The dishes (plates, glasses, mugs, etc.) were souvenir-type dishes from various states. Additional decorations included postcards and Christmas tree travel-theme ornaments scattered around.
The next table was "Christmas Pewter" and although the dishes were not real pewter, the table was one of the higher priced tables at the auction.

This Red & White Snowflakes table sponsored by a board member was not an auctioned table, but I like the snowflakes idea.
If they have an auction at the tea next year, I will write down the table prices to post with photos. Funny how you think you will remember these kinds of details....


bennie and patsy said...

The frist table sure is different, but for a going away party it will be great.


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