Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Christmas Themed Tea Tables

Nutcracker Tea

Poinsettia Theme Tea
An Apple Christmas Tea

There were 19 decorated tables at the Holiday Fundraiser Tea on Saturday. As I mentioned before, the tables were auctioned at the end of the tea. Every hostess was to provide place settings for 6 including a dinner plate, cup & saucer & flatware, also a table topper, place mats or chargers, napkins and a centerpiece/decorations. Basic white table cloths were provided and were not part of the auction.

This was Liberty Place's first annual fundraiser tea. As you look through the photos over the next few days, you will see that some of the hostesses were very generous with their donated table decorations and some were not. There were a few communication glitches, in my opinion. In the photos, you will see extra cups & saucers, paper napkins and plastic flatware at the place settings. Liberty Place provided those for the guests to use in order to keep everything clean for the auction. I can understand that, but this was not communicated to the hostesses in advance. Everything turned out ok in the end, but I would not be in favor of auctioning 19 tables at an event like this. The tables went for $35 to $200. All cost more than more than $35 to decorate and some cost well over $200. I believe many people were reluctant to host a table because of the cost of 6 tickets ($120) and the cost of the decorations and supplies. It appeared the facility and board members donated many of the tables and most guests attending purchased individual tickets for $20 each.
When they were holding the auction, it was difficult (sometimes impossible) to see the table decorations from where you were seated. Hostesses were directed to have a theme, but the themes were not announced or posted. Therefore, the names I label them with are ones I made up or are just descriptive. Also, from where we were seated, it was difficult to see who bought the tables, but for the low prices they sold for, I was not the only hostess who bought her table!
I believe you will find some good Christmas/Holiday table decorating ideas from the photos I will be posting.


Bernideen's TeaTime Blog said...

Hi Linda: We find in our business sometimes we do something and then we start learning other ways to do it better. It happens constantly and I think your group will learn from each experience.

bennie and patsy said...

I like to look at all of the lovely tables. The tea cup tree is so cute.

Anonymous said...

You make some really good points Linda. The photographs are just superb and you are right - they do provide some great decorating ideas. Thanks for sharing!

Linda said...

Thanks for your comment Denise as I know you are very experienced with this type of fundraiser. Patty and I approached this tea event as a learning experience, a fun challenge to decorate a nice table on a budget, and a great opportunity to visit with old and new friends. It was a very successful and fun day.

Winifred said...

Those tables look really lovely and provide som good ideas. Thank you.


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