Wednesday, January 23, 2008

My New Teapot

The newest teapot in my collection is a Christmas gift from my very dear friend, Lynn. For now, the pretty floral teapot sits in a place of honor on my living room mantle waiting to be filled with a special blend of tea at a future tea party.
Lynn and I met and became friends when our children were young. She and her DH had two boys close to the ages to our two girls. When the children were older, Lynn and I worked together in the same office. We share several common bonds. We were both “Daddy’s girls” growing up in small Kentucky towns. Our dads loved Bluegrass music. We lost our dads to cancer. We experienced similar, sometimes difficult, relationships with our mothers. In 2007, within months, we lost our mothers to Alzheimer’s.
Sometimes, due to different schedules and responsibilities, Lynn and I don’t have an opportunity to talk for several weeks, but when I call her or she calls me, it is as though we pick-up in the middle of a discussion from the day before. Over the years, we have shared many pots of tea. When I host a tea party, I know I can always count on my good friend Lynn to bring cucumber sandwiches.

“We have been friends together in sunshine and in shade.”~Caroline Sheridan Norton

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