Thursday, February 28, 2008

Wash Day

A couple of times a year I take the time to wash all the teapots, teacups and glass knick knacks in my living room and dining room. Today was the day for that. The process goes like this: I lay out two clean bath towels on my kitchen counter and proceed to hand wash and dry the gazillion of "treasures" I have collected. Some of them are from my mom and my aunts. Many are from travels in various countries. I would like to say there is no dust in my house, but unfortunately, there is. And, if I were the housekeeper my mother trained me to be, I would take the time to wash these things more often. These photos show the first half of the fruits of my labor this morning. I forgot to take a photo of the second half as it was afternoon before they were dry. I stepped out on the sun porch to gather all the teapots and tea collectibles on the shelves thinking I would wash them today, too. Oh my, maybe tomorrow....

Snow Day

We had just enough snow to cancel school today. By afternoon most of it had melted and there was barely enough left on the deck to make a mini snowman. Mugs of tea and hot chocolate were ready and waiting when the "boys" came in from playing.

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