Thursday, March 13, 2008

A Special Gift for a Friend

This is a special bracelet designed and made by my daughter, Melissa at and
If you look back at 1/17 on this blog, you will see a photo of six very special "old" girlfriends from elementary and high school on a weekend trip to the Biltmore. The seventh friend missed the trip due to surgery and life's complications. This bracelet was designed and made for her. She is a breast cancer survivor. We wanted to give her a special gift to let her know of our concern and our love for her. She wears a lot of black clothing so Melissa designed the bracelet with the black, clear and pink Swarovski Crystals. Each of he sterling silver charms has a special meaning. The Cross is a symbol of our friend's Christian faith which has given her the courage to remain strong. The cancer ribbon, engraved with "survivor" on one side, is a symbol of her fight against breast cancer. The heart, placed as the center charm, is a symbol of the special friendship shared by our group of "old" girlfriends. This beautiful bracelet is the perfect gift for our friend! We all love it. Thank you, Melissa!

Taking Time for Tea

A friend gave me a small tin of Tea forte' for my birthday. I have read about this tea, but can't remember drinking it before today. The information on the back of the tin of Ceylon black tea with jasmine flowers says: Unwrap a silken tea infuser and smell the fresh tea harvest. These revolutionary infusers are filled with the freshest whole-leaf teas and rough-cut herbs. Turn a simple cup of tea into a celebrations. Tea Forte infusers create a memorable experience for all the senses. Indulge. I don't know the price of this tea as it was a gift. And, I agree it can turn a simple cup into a celebration, but other loose leaf teas do that as well. That is the beauty of tea. It takes time to heat the water and prepare a nice cup or pot of tea. And, it takes time to enjoy a nice cup of tea. That is why tea has been described as a "cup of serenity." Tea is more than a beverage, it is all about taking time out of your busy day for yourself!

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