Monday, March 24, 2008

Baskets of Tea Books

The Gracious Hospital-i-Tea Blog-a-Thon continues at I am enjoying participating and invite you to join!
The theme this week is Litera-TeaShare. The challenge is to Share tea from the perspective of literature.

Part of my tea book collection is "desplayed" at the end of our dining room in baskets (top photo). I have different categories of books including, children's tea storybooks, tea recipe books, tea travel planning books, tea party planning books, miniature books about tea, tea etiquette books, basic tea facts books and many more in various baskets. The first tea book I purchased on the subject of tea was the delightful "If Teacups Could Talk" by Emilie Barnes. See Gracious Hospitality's blog for her nice post on that book and others by the author

The second photo above features children's tea storybooks. The grandchildren and I enjoy reading tea stories and having tea parties. We also like to make up stories about princes and princesses having tea parties. No matter what happens in these stories, they always host or attend fabulous tea parties in beautiful castles and have happy endings!

The third photo from the top is a display of books by Kentucky authors Bruce and Shelley Richardson of Elmwood Inn Fine Teas. Their three recipe books are among my most used books. The two Great Tearooms books and the Tea in the City books are well-worn and marked as I have used them several times to plan tea travels. Bruce's amazing photography and Shelley's thoughtful writings in "Look Deeply into Tea" gives the reader insight into the people who labor to bring the tea leaf to the cup. Every tea lover should have at least one of their books!

The photo at the bottom shows books by Jane Pettigrew, a very experienced and knowledgeable woman in the world of tea. Her books read like fascinating textbooks on tea and are sprinkled with beautiful artwork and photography! Every tea library should have a copy of "The Tealover's Companion" co-written with Bruce Richardson.

I have many"favorite" tea books and publications. I have written about a few in previous posts and will continue to highlight more in the future. Choosing a favorite tea book for me is a bit like the following poem from the children's book "Tea Party Today, Poems to Sip and Savor" by Ellen Spinelli.

Shopping for Tea
Which tea shall I buy today? English breakfast? Earl Grey?
Ginger? Sassafrass or spiced? Rosehip, orange, lemon-iced?
Apple, peppermint, or peach? Oh, just give me one of each.

Easter Weekend Adventures

The cold weekend temperatures in Kentucky could not keep the Easter Bunny away!

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