Monday, May 19, 2008

Welcome To My Home Office

Some Bloggers show photos of their homes starting with the entrance and all the way through every room. I enjoy seeing those photos and believe it gives the reader a bit more information about the personality of the Blogger. I need to do a little house cleaning and redecorating before I feel comfortable showing every room in my home. But, here goes with my home office, the place where I write the Friendship Tea Blog. Sometimes I listen to music or TV (listen to it more than watch it). Sometimes, when the phone isn't ringing, I enjoy peace and quiet and the view out the window above my keyboard.
This room, like others in our home is decorated in an eclectic style with a mixture of handcrafted, traditional, heirloom and modern furnishings.
So, how did I rate such a great room all to my own in our house? I previously ran two home-based businesses, including a tour company and a Longaberger­® branch from here. After closing the tour company and dropping the responsibilities as a Longaberger Branch Leader, I moved a bunch of baskets out and added a single bed sleeper sofa (chair and a half) to make space for our granddaughter when she visits. This is my favorite room in the house. You will always find a bone china mug of tea on my desk when I am working. Today it is filled with freshly brewed Elmwood Inn Fine Teas Mayor's Cup. Can you count the teapots?

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