Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Pouring Teapot

This is the final week for the Gracious Hospital-i-tea Blog-A-Thon. I have really enjoyed participating with my blog, and I have enjoyed reading all the posts of the other participants!
The assignment:
"This week is all about sharing about teapots. Do you have one? two? three? Or more? Is it for display only or do you use it for tea? What is the tea server you use most? Your favorite teapot (or is it something like a quart jar?). Tell your teapot story, give its history, and tell what it means to you. You can share more than once if you'd like. Antique, new, Asian, English, or something in between --- we'd love to know!'
I have nearly 50 teapots in my collection. A few of my teapots are too delicate or too sentimental in value to use (in my opinion) and are for display only. Several of my teapots have been collected during travels around the world and several are special gifts from friends and family. Most of my teapots are what I call "serviceable" teapots. These are the teapots I use on a daily basis for our family. Others I use to serve from at tea parties. All of my teapots displayed on shelves and tables throughout our house.
The top photo is an everyday serviceable Sadler teapot I picked up at a yard sale in London, KY a few years ago from a lady who bought it in London. England.
The tea set in the middle photo is a Royal Patrician Rose Tree Chintz tea set I ordered. I use this teapot at nearly every tea I serve to guests.
I also frequently use the tea set in the bottom photo. It is a Royal Worcester purchased when we visited the factory several years ago.
Some of my teapots have already been featured in previous posts. Most of my teapots are made in England. I will be featuring several more teapots through the next few posts and some of those are not English made. I hope you enjoy seeing my teapots as much as I enjoy collecting them!

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