Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Tea Themed Board Games for Children

These children's tea games are part of my collection of tea things. And yes, I bought them for myself. The grandchildren think I bought the games for them. *smile*
AJ and KJ, the two older children, have enjoyed playing the Teapot Game for years. I recently added the Tea Party Game because our little princess, KJ, is coming to visit Grandma and Grandpa later this month and I know she will enjoy playing it.

I have a variety of children's tea sets and children's tea books as shown in a previous post. If anyone reading this has other children's tea or etiquette games your children or grandchildren enjoy, please let me know. I would like to add them to my collection, for the children, of course!! *wink*

English China Tea Mugs

In May I posted about the redecorating I was "encouraged" to do by the #1 Daughter (our first born.) Click here to see that post. The top photo shows how the shelf in my home office looked after her suggestion of "out with the baskets and in with the teapots." She was right. The baskets are no longer important to me and I really do like the shelf better with teapots and family photos as she suggested. (Thanks, Melissa.) At the time of the redecorating, I had enough English bone china mugs from previous trips to England, to hang on the kitchen shelf, but not enough for this shelf in the office. So, I went on a "mission" and returned in June from our trip to Britain with seven souvenir bone china mugs or tankards, beakers, or whatever the Brits choose to call them. A very nice addition to my decor, in my opinion. And, I guarantee they will last a lot longer than the souvenir tee-shirts purchased by GJ and AJ!

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