Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Danish Tea Memories

The Summer 2008 issue of TEA a Magazine arrived in my mailbox yesterday. In this issue is an article about Tante T's, a tea salon Copenhagen. The article is about tea (of course), having an authentic Danish cultural experience and traditional Danish cakes and breads.

This article brought back wonderful Danish travel memories for me. Our little town of Berea, KY has a long-standing Danish-American exchange program. GJ and I have been to Denmark twice. During the first visit in 1993 GJ discovered the most fabulous pastries, cakes and breads in quaint bakeries in every village, town and city we visited including Copenhagen. During that trip, I became totally and completely addicted to 3 o'clock tea. Every afternoon at 3 o'clock no matter where we were or who we were with (even on a pig farm!) every Dane we met took a coffee (kaffe) or tea (the') break. After 17 straight days of drinking tea every afternoon promptly at 3:00, I was hooked! Upon arrival back in the USA my body ignored the 6 hour time difference and at 3 o'clock in the afternoon it was tea time! That, believe it or not, was the beginning of my incredible tea journey!!!

The teapot in the above photo was purchased in Viborg, Denmark (Danmark) during our second visit in 1998. I debated for a long time before choosing that particular teapot because it is so different from the others in my collection, but I chose it for its Danish modern look. It is a reminder of a beautiful country, people and culture and my memories of 3 0'clock tea time. Thanks to TEA Magazine for bringing back Danish tea memories.

Received Blog Giveaway

Angela at Tea With Friends recently announced a giveaway for this cute teapot tape measure. I thought it was a tea-riffic gift for a tea lover so I put my name and comments into the drawing. I was so pleased when Angela informed me I had won. The package arrived Saturday with the adorable teapot tape measure and additional surprise tea goodies enclosed. Thank you Angela!

I visit Angela's Tea With Friends blog every day. She writes about a variety of fun tea things from tea gadgets, tea foods, tea products, vintage tea books and more! If you enjoy tea and the art of afternoon tea, be sure to visit Angela's blog.

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