Sunday, August 17, 2008

My Princess and the Tea Party

Princess KJ gave herself a new name. She is now Princess Camellia, named for Camellia sinsensis, the tea plant. She really knows how to work this tea-loving Grandma, doesn't she?!?
I purchased the beautiful dress for her at our local Cracker Barrel in the Halloween costumes. Yes, they have Halloween stuff out already!
On her last day in Kentucky, the princess and I had a luncheon tea party. She invited her frog, Camellia, and Cotton Candy, her pink and white Webkinz cat. The princess picked the menu on our shopping trip to WalMart. We were making memories and that was more important than spending time on a complicated menu, in my opinion! We had a grand time chatting over several cups of tea, enjoying peanut butter finger sandwiches and way too many sweets!

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