Thursday, October 16, 2008

Fund Raiser Tea

The above is a publicity photo I submitted to our local newspaper a couple of weeks ago along with an article about Saturday's Berea Health Ministry Clinic fund raiser tea. We have 20 host-decorated tables reserved and 2 tables of individual tickets sold. We will be serving 150 guests. This event has been a learning experience for everyone involved and there have been a few challenges. It will become an annual event and will be even better next year.
I will share photos of the themed tables, menu, and all the details next week. I'm off to work on my "tea talk."

Teabag Teapot

I make my tea from loose leaf tea, but I couldn't pass up this little ceramic teabag teapot. It is made by FORLIFE® and is designed for teabags to prevent over steeping. After the tea steeps, you pull the string on the teabag until the teabag sits on the inner shelf. You leave the bag on the shelf and pour the tea out of the little teapot with the lid on. That way, you don't have to remove the dripping teabag. Wow! What will the tea marketing guys come up with next?!?

Added later: I finally remembered where I ordered this. It was from Solutions. The price is $19.95 and it comes in white, watermelon or lime green.

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