Friday, October 24, 2008

Tea Table Theme: Laces 'N God's Love

Anita D. decorated "Laces 'N God's Love" using a lacy overlay table cloth and her Lenox China to show how beautiful we are to a loving God. This table was sponsored by her husband, Marvin, a member of the Berea Health Ministry Board of Trustees.

Tea Table Theme: White Sport Coat and Pink Carnations

This beautiful table, "White Sport Coat and Pink Carnations" was decorated by Glenda M. using her china with platinum rings and all Sterling silver. Note the center piece is made in pink Depression Glass bowls. This table was one of the judges favorites. But, the winners are yet to be posted.

Tea Table Theme: Farewell to Summer

Cora decorated two tables. This was one of them. She is the president and founder of the Berea Health Ministry and a very busy lady. She was just named Kentucky Nurse of the Year! Congtatulations Cora!

Tea Table Theme: A View of Winter

A View of Winter was one of two tables decorated by Cora, president of the Berea Health Ministry.

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