Monday, December 8, 2008

Sharing a Cup of Christmas Tea with Friends

These are the friends I invited to share my table at the Holiday Fundraiser Tea.
Belle and me. We grew up on the same street. Our dads were fishing buddies! Belle was my very first tea buddy and helped introduce me to the afternoon tea experience!
Patty (left) and Lynn. Yes, the same Patty in the photo I posted a few days ago. She and I grew up across the street from each other. Lynn has been my friend for many years. Our children were in school together, we were in the same community clubs and at one time she worked for me. We grew even closer as our mother's experienced Alzheimer's at the same time.
Mary Ann (left) and Ernestine. Mary Ann is one of those friends with whom I just immediately "clicked" with. She loves afternoon tea like me! We go to church with Ernestine's family. Our daughter, Melissa, babysat for her children years ago! Mary Ann and Ernestine have been friends for 27 years.

We enjoyed a lovely tea with friends - a perfect way to spend an afternoon!

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