Thursday, January 8, 2009

Elvis' Birthday

This week is Elvis Presley's Birthday Celebration Week in Memphis, TN. Elvis was born on January 8, 1935. Are you an Elvis fan? I was not a major Elvis fan, but did have the opportunity to see him in concert in Cincinnati about a month before his death in 1977. GJ, the #2 daughter (younger daughter) and I visited Elvis' home and complex, Graceland, in Memphis, TN around 1995 where the birthday festivities are taking place.
The photo above is AJ and GJ a couple of years ago at the Elvis Birthplace, Chapel and Museum when we visited Tupelo, MS.

One bit of trivia I remember from our tour of Graceland was that Elvis did not allow his Christmas tree to be taken down until after his January 8th birthday. The other photos showour Christmas tree with an Elvis ornament purchased on the visit to Tupelo. Sorry Elvis, but we took down our Christmas tree a couple of days after Christmas. I guess you might say that GJ was TCB with the lightning bolts (as in Elvis' slogan) -- Taking Care of Business in a Flash. When the gifts have been put away, GJ is ready to put the tree away too. *LOL*


Angela McRae said...

Linda, I'm not an Elvis fan, exactly, although I do still like some of his music, but I am quite interested in his life and that of Priscilla, Lisa Marie, etc. Like you, I visited Graceland a while back. I was expecting Tara but it was more like Tara in the sixties and seventies with all that shag carpet, plaid couch with the shellacked wood on the armrests, etc. (My mom, BTW, maintains that Elvis grew a beard and is still alive and living in Hawaii. I hope she's right!)

bennie and patsy said...

My sister was in Elvis high school graduation class.

Linda said...

That is an interesting bit of trivia, Patsy!
Angela,in December I was in line at Walmart and read the headline of a tabloid that clamied Elvis was spotted recently. Your mother, and others like her, may be right. Who knows?!? *LOL*

mjenningsdesigns said...

I am not an Elvis fan at all but I have always wanted to go to Graceland. Happy Birthday Elvis...wherever you are ;-)

Steph said...

I haven't been to Graceland, but I have very fond memories of Memphis!

J @ Cool Garden Things said...

"Long Live The King"!

Paula said...

I learn something new every day!

Happy Birthday to Elvis!

Marilyn Miller said...

In high school I loved going to his movies and listening to his music. My junior high music teacher said his music would never last. I would love to visit Graceland some day.

Winifred said...

I didn't like Elvis at first I was a Cliff Richard fan and in those days it was one or the other!

Then I saw GI Blues and became a convert. He certainly had a great voice and I still have the GI Blues LP.

Sad that he ended up with such problems.


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