Friday, January 30, 2009

An Icy View From My Window

Due to the ice in Kentucky our power went off at noon on Tuesday and was off until 3:17 p.m. Friday (today). We are very fortunate to have our power restored. Many people in rural and isolated areas of KY, including our county, may not have power until mid-February. Parts of our county were on a boil water advisory. We are very fortunate our water company was able to keep our water pumping by use of an emergency generator and we did not lose service.
Thank you to those who send emails of concern. I was able to receive emails, including blog comments via the fancy cell phone GJ gave me for Christmas. Apparently our state made the national news on several occasions.
We knew we were headed for trouble when we watched The Weather Channel on Monday night and saw Jim Cantore in Kentucky awaiting a big story!


bennie and patsy said...

So glad you are back up, we were out to. I think Ky and Ar got the blunt of the ice storm.I had been thinking of you.

Marilyn Miller said...

Oh my, your trees look very heavy with ice. Good to hear your power is back on.

Brit' Gal Sarah said...

Linda great to have you back. My utmost sympathies as we have been there in the past too, although not as long. It's no fun at all and pretty stressful to boot.

I hope you have some gas and were able to stay warm? We have a gas furnace we can light in these instances, with heaters in a bedroon, bathrrom and main room. So we can stay warm, but we have no gas for cooking!

W. Latane Barton said...

So thankful you are safe and warm. Those pictures are beautiful but only if you are looking at them.... not if you have to deal with the damage the ice and snow brings.

Donna said...

Hi Linda,
Internet is wonderful. I was checking out Melissa's web site and saw that you had a blog. How great. George and i were talking today wondering if you all were affected by the ice storm. I'm sorry to see you were. Wow 4 days and no electricity. Thank goodness for gas. We both laughed when we read the sentence about Jim Cantore. We have always said, if you see him in your yard, you're in for big trouble...sorta like Jessica Fletcher....all her friends had's a wonder anyone hung around her.

Stay warm. I'll try to email later.

Donna and George


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