Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Trip to Western Kentucky for Bar-B Q

This weekend we traveled 3 1/2 hours from home to Owensboro located in western Kentucky on the Ohio River. Known as Kentucky's Festival City. The International Bar-B-Q Festival is held there annually on the second weekend of May. There are several Bar-B-Que restaurants in Owensboro.
A visit to the Moonlite Bar-B-Q Inn is a must for our family when we are in Owensboro! The Moonlight is listed in Southern Living Magazine's 2003 Ultimate Bar-B-Que Guide and Gourmet Magazine's Guide to America's Best Roadfood. The Moonlight is famous for their buffet. We were there Sunday at lunch. The buffet featured: turkey and dressing, fried chicken, country ham, and BBQ chicken, ribs, sliced pork, chopped pork, sliced beef and mutton. The buffet also includes a large selection of vegetables, breads, salads, soups including KY Burgoo and a large dessert bar. A sign at the buffet says "Not Responsible for Your Overeating."

I purchased the Family Favorites From Moonlite® recipe book. In addition to their favorite recipes, the book tells the story of how the Bosley family started with a 30 seat diner and built the business into the famous 350 seat restaurant, national catering facility and online business it has become today. ­
By the way, two of my favorites, in addition to the Bar-B-Q, are their cornbread muffins and the buttermilk pie. Both recipes are in the book. Yipee!


bennie and patsy said...

Don't you just love family owned good places to eat? Your trip sounds like one we would take, for food. LOL Linda you have a early Valentine Award from me.

Anonymous said...

Sounds soooo good! I love BBQ and we have plenty of great places here in South Carolina. Just Sunday, as a matter of fact, Tall & Handsome and I had lunch at "Moose's Famous BBQ" in Moncks Corner. Yum! (The corn fritters were TO DIE FOR!)

Tammy said...

Hi Linda,

So glad you made it by Moonlight...we go every time we visit with my daughter who lives in o'boro.

My favorites are the deserts!! Rhubarb pie and nanner puddin' OH MY!!!

Oh, and I know some people call it Western Ky but I consider it Central Ky...where I'm from beyond the Kentucky Lakes is Western Kentucky *smiles*


Marilyn Miller said...

BBQ, yummm! We even have a good barbecue place or two here in the northwest.


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