Thursday, February 5, 2009


Last week I did lots of reading while sitting by the window in the day and by candlelight and flash light during the evening, thanks to no power due to the ice storm. I found these two novels, The New Rector and Talk of the Village by Rebecca Shaw mentioned by Barbara on Ramblings from an English Garden. She purchased the entire series of Turnham Malpas books for herself and her daughter at Christmas and were quickly reading one after another.

Ya'll know I love anything and everything that has to do with English villages and tea! These books are set in the 1990's in the fictitious village of Turnham Malpas in England. Life's circumstances is a bit complicated and always interesting with the local folks. However, there are many references to having tea in the morning, at lunch, in the evening and certainly at afternoon teatime! A cup of tea soothes all sorts of problems!

The Tales From Turnham Malpas series and The Barleybridge Series by the English author, Rebecca Shaw, are available through I've already ordered the next one, Village Matters. I am anxious to see what happens next to Muriel, Sir Ralph, Dr. Caroline, the Rector and all the other interesting characters. Of course, I will be sipping many cups of tea right along with them as I read.


Steph said...

Very nice! I've been stuck on the Twilight series.

Marilyn Miller said...

What fun reading!

Angela McRae said...

These sound fun! Thanks for the recommendations!

Barbara said...

That's better, I see your whole blog now and I see you are certainly into tea.

It always amazes me because in all my time spent in the States in the past I hardly ever came across people who were interested in tea and I mixed with, probably hundreds of people over the years.

Rebecca Shaw incidentally has written 2 more books to her 'Malpass' books. No. 11 and 12. My daughter has bought them. Full price on Amazon though whereas I got the 10 for a very good deal.

Barbara said...

I have just checked out and it looks like when one does a link on their post then it comes up as links to this post on the other persons blog.

Now Ihave been putting links on my posts for years but never realised this before. To ocnfirm this I will need to check and see if the same happens toothers that have linked.
One learns something new all the time with b logging.


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