Monday, February 23, 2009

Sisterhood Blogging Award

Thank you to Patsy at The Smith's - Bennie and Patsy and Latane at Life in Wakefield for this Sisterhood Blogging Award. When I began blogging in January '08, I did not realize that I might be joining a "sisterhood" by blogging and posting my fascination for all things tea, my rambling thoughts and daily events with friends and our family. But, that is exactly what has happened.

I begin my mornings by visiting and reading several blogs, and some of the same bloggers read my blog daily. We have several common interests such as tea, shopping, travel, reading, good friends, Alzheimer's care giving, family, all things English, and more! We have become blogging friends and yes, a Sisterhood.

I award this Sisterhood Award to all my special blogger friends who visit Friendship Tea on a regular basis. Feel free to pick up this award and pass it on to bloggers who are special to you.

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