Friday, March 6, 2009

Teapot Without A Lid

I saw this teapot without a lid in a shop and love the way this plant looks in it. However, I didn't buy it because I have a brown thumb and absolutely have no luck growing indoor plants. I just thought I would share the photo because some of my green thumb tea friends in Blogland might like this idea.

Although I can't grow house plants, I have placed arrangements of cut flowers (purchased and grown in my garden) in teapots on several occasions and used them as center pieces on my dining room table.

A Quote From:

365 Things Every Tea Lover Should Know ~

A Loving Recipe for a Perfect Cup of Tea
1 - willing friend who loves to sit and share
1 - grateful heart to have a friend that cares
1 - beautiful garden to show us God is near


Steph said...

That's a great idea for the teapot! I've done this, as well. I find that placing the plant in a small pot (with drain holes) inside the teapot works well. That way, the plant can drain when it's watered.

Steph said...

I should clarify - my DH has done this! I've just observed. :-)

W. Latane Barton said...

terrific idea! I'll have to try that, maybe with the cut flowers. I don't have much of a green thumb either.

Paula said...

That is really pretty...clever idea

bennie and patsy said...

I like that idea, will have to remember that.

Marilyn Miller said...

A beautiful garden to show us God is near is a lovely thought. Also love your idea for putting plants in teapots. My husband is always doing that with my chipped and topless teapots.

Janeen said...

I lurve the look of your new creamy background, so easy on the eyes and is soooo pretty! Funny how a little think like that could make such a difference huh?

I'm with you, I don't have an emerald thumb and would kill the plant too! ha ha

La Tea Dah said...

Just beautiful!

Have you ever had an 'air plant'? I don't know their real names, but they require no soil or water, never die, and are always green. They would look beautiful in a teapot like this. I think it might be a real plant that is preserved with glycerin or something. Great idea --- thanks for sharing it!

And yes, it's a great week for bean soup! And yesterday I bought a gourmet bottle of fresh garlic sauce (made in Seattle). It is SO delicious and spendy. I'm hoping it can be replicated at home in the Cuisinart. It was good with the soup too. We will see. .

:) LaTeaDah

Sharon said...

What a neat idea! Have put flowers in teapots for a temporary centerpiece, but how great one would look on my office desk with a green plant in it that could stay there everyday! Thanks so much for sharing this photo and idea. Hugs, Sharon


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