Thursday, April 16, 2009

Fort Boonesborough Field Trip

Today I accompanied 100 second graders on a field trip to Fort Boonesborough located on the Kentucky River on the north boundary or our county. We spent the day touring the fort and had a picnic lunch.

Did you know that Daniel Boone really did not wear a coonskin cap? However, most folks my age remember the Daniel Boone TV series starring Fess Parker who always wore a coonskin cap! As result of the TV show, the gift shop sells many coon skin caps daily. (Including the one I purchased today for the four-year old grandson!)

The fort is a Kentucky State Park property and is a replica of the original Fort Boonesborough. The children enjoyed watching a movie about the history of Daniel Boone and life at the fort, and talking with the demonstrating blacksmith, soap maker, spinner, potter, candle maker, woodworker, gunsmith and land surveyor.

They enjoyed seeing the Kentucky Long Rifles and various weapons and tools on display. Each teacher or approved parent volunteer was in charge of three children.

Kaitlyn, our granddaughter, is pictured above with a buffalo skin and below with the other girls in our group snacking on...

pieces of buffalo jerky! They loved the taste and insisted I try a bite. Yuck! Buffalo jerky is definitely NOT my cup of tea!
Oh, by the way, our PTO purchased a different color of shirts for each grade to wear on field trips for safety purposes. Anyone want to come over tomorrow and help me launder 100 red tee shirts?


bennie and patsy said...

Brave lady you are but bet it was fun.

Bernideen said...

Linda: This brought back a memory to me that in second grade when we wentto Williamsburg,Va. I had a horseshoe engraved at the BlackSmith shop with my name....I still have it somewhere in the basement in a box! What a great field trip you went on!


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