Thursday, May 28, 2009

Another "Treasure"

This is another dish I had to pack away during the renovation of our house. This plate was a gift for my mother from my brother and me. In the early 1960's I remember our dad giving us money to buy a gift for Mother's Day or for Mom's birthday. I can't remember which because both were in May. My brother and I walked to the only antique shop in town and picked out this plate. Of course my mother claimed that she was thrilled with it. She displayed it for the rest of her lifetime. She really did appreciate pretty things, so I hope she did like this one.

As I look at it now, I see it is marked J P L France. It is hand painted and signed J. N. '93. Could it have been painted in 1893? I have no idea, but it is a pretty plate.


Rosemary said...

How beautiful Linda! What a treasure, and a true sweet remembrance!

Marilyn Miller said...

What a pretty plate. I can see how you and your brother would be attracted to it. I am sure your Mother loved it.

Bernideen said...

You had good taste - EVEN BACK THEN!


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