Saturday, July 11, 2009

Soccer and Scones

AJ had a great week at Challenger Sports British Soccer Camp. The coaches were from various places around England. At the end of the camp on Friday, I mentioned to Coach Gaffer (above) that AJ had been to England three times, I have been six times, and that we love traveling in England. The discussion continued like this:
Coach G: "AJ, what do you do when you are in England?"
AJ: "We drink tea and eat scones."
Coach G: "Really! You know what scones are?!?"
AJ: "Yes, they are best with clotted cream and strawberry jam."
Coach G's mouth has dropped open at this point, speechless for a moment, and obviously wanting an English Scone after being in the USA for several weeks. He turned to me and said: "You have biscuits here, but they just aren't the same as scones!" :-(

A note from Linda:

During this discussion, I was remembering all the fabulous places in Britain we have toured, including castles and more, and all the historic steam engine trains we've traveled on with this little guy over the beautiful countryside. But I couldn't help but be proud of my 10-year-old tea-drinking, scone-eating American soccer boy who knows I love to visit English tearooms where we have lots of tea and scones, and making memories.


Angela McRae said...

Well shoot, Linda, I am proud of him, too! I would *love* to have seen that soccer coach when your well-traveled AJ surprised him with his culinary smarts. Excellent!

parTea lady said...

That is a cute story. Sounds like AJ has had a wonderful summer with all his camps and travels.

I am taking my grandson Christian (he is 8 yrs. old) to a tearoom tomorrow. This will be his second visit. He won't try tea, but he does enjoy scones.

Marilyn Miller said...

Very cute. I be AJ is rare when it comes to 10 year olds knowing about scones. I have an almost 9 year old coming over this week, I will have to test him. I have served him scones, but not sure he will remember what they are.

Duchess of Tea said...

What a sweet sweet story. Good luck to AJ on soccer and God Bless him.
Duchess xx

Paula said...

My mom made scones a few times when I was kid when we lived in Germany. As I recall, they were good!

bennie and patsy said...

Sweet, and I loved the English Gatdens.

Anonymous said...

And proud you should be!


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