Sunday, July 5, 2009

We Are Back!

We enjoyed a fun week at Hilton Head Island with Austin and Kaitlyn. We spent the mornings on the beach and in the evenings we visited all our favorite restaurants. We didn't visit tearooms on this trip, but drank lots of iced tea as the temperature was in the upper 90's every day.
I have made many treks to the beach in my lifetime. However, this was the first time to see a shark. The lifeguards made everyone leave the ocean while it swam around following a school of fish. I first saw it as it swam in front of Glenn and the children. It was a scary sight, bringing back memories of the movie Jaws. Thankfully, no one was injured and the school of fish ,with the shark following, left the area and everyone returned to the water after about 30 minutes. Just FYI, I remained under the umbrella and only went in water to my ankles after that!
We are back home and cleaning up drywall dust from the house renovation. A lot of our furniture has been moved out of the house and the rest was covered, but we still have plenty of dust! The inside painting begins tomorrow.
Back to reality after a nice week away!


bennie and patsy said...

Now that is just to scary, that would have been NO more water for me at the beach.
That drywall dust is a mess to clean up.

mjenningsdesigns said...

Glad you are home SAFE and SOUND! :-)

Marilyn Miller said...

I think I would only wade to my ankles too. What an exciting story to tell on your vacation. Good luck with the dust.

parTea lady said...

Sounds like a lovely way to spend a week. I can't imagine seeing a shark swimming near me. I freaked out when I was snorkeling and a large ray came too close.

Hope the dust clean up and painting goes well.

Steph said...

Ah, refreshing!

Phyllis said...

Welcome back home, Linda! A shark!!! Oh my, that would cure me from going in the water too!

Duchess of Tea said...

Just dropped by to see if youa re back, and I am glad to see that you have returned safe and sound.
Welcome back!!


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