Monday, August 31, 2009

Improved Living and Dining Rooms

Our existing living room and dining room are actually one large room. The two new rooms added to the front of the house are accessed through this room. If you recall, a tall window was removed for this purpose. By moving the casual furniture and TV to the new family room, we were able to pick up more usable space in the dining room area and make the living room area a little more formal. We in several pieces of furniture from Aunt Ida's house, including the corner cabinet above, and the sofa which had been my grandmother's. We are very pleased with the new wood floors and the ceiling where the beams were covered with dry wall.
By the way, the dry wall guy came back this week to correct some places in the back addition. More dry wall dust! Argh!
I have given you a tiny peek into the second new front room, originally planned to be GJ's office. Several plans changed during the building process including a wall that had to be moved in that room... more photos to come.


Phyllis said...

Loved seeing the photos of your completed remodeling/home addition project. The rooms are just beautiful! One can definitely tell you are a tea lover! ;-)

Lady Donna & Miss Spenser said...

Linda...the rooms are so lovely!! You are my inspiration today as I am still living in the mess of our remodel! (smile). Enjoy your new space!!

Marilyn Miller said...

Your wood floors will be a real treat. It is always so nice when the remodeling is done and you can live in the rooms again. Everything looks so spacious.


bennie and patsy said...

Love your new floors it all looks so lovely.

Paula said...

beautiful! Seems so open and spacious!!!

Jessica said...

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