Thursday, September 3, 2009

A Little British Food Shopping and More

Our grocery shopping is very limited in our small Kentucky town, so I drove to Lexington to pick up a few things I specifically needed for a couple of recipes. I was looking for Hershey's Cinnamon Chips for a scone recipe and found them.

While I was in Meijer, I checked out the British food selection and came home with a few products. GJ likes PG Tips Decaf, but they were out, so I picked up Typhoo for him. I didn't hear any complaints this morning.

I couldn't resist Somerdale English Clotted Cream, Mc Vittie's Digestives (cookies), and a jar of Major Grey Chutney. Now I just have to find the recipe that requires Major Grey Chutney. *LOL*

I also stopped at Michael's for a few things. A fun morning of shopping is always good therapy, in my opinion.


bennie and patsy said...

I will have to try clotted cream it must be very good. Trip's to Michael's are lot's of fun. Have a happy Thursday.
Hugs, Patsy

Marilyn Miller said...

I love that chutney. It is so good just on a turkey sandwich or served with a pork tenderloin. Yummm!

parTea lady said...

You have me wanting some PG Tips tea and McVittie's digestive biscuits. I've seen Major Grey Chutney used in chicken salad.

Sounds like you had a great shopping trip.

Brit Gal Sarah said...

DJ has good taste, I drink PG decaff too. A very nice haul, I have to drive 3hrs to get these!

Teashop Girl said...

I hope you post a picture of those scones. ;)

Angela McRae said...

Lucky you to have a British food shop within driving distance! I believe the one that was an hour from me has closed, alas!


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