Sunday, September 20, 2009

Tea Tasting — Harney Black Teas

In addition to planning the menu for 200 guests at Tea Time With Berea Health Ministry, I will also make the tea. When you calculate 2 to 4 cups each, that's a lot of tea!

I decided to serve a black tea or black tea blend. I know that probably doesn't set too well with you flavored tea lovers! But, I our guests are mostly non-tea drinkers. I am not serving a floral, fruits or herb tea due to possible allergies. I haven't yet determined if I will also serve a decaf, but we are serving ice water for those who can not tolerate tea or caffeine.

I ordered several samples of black tea blends from Harney and Sons and have been drinking them the past few days. Queen Catherine, Elyse's Blend, Stanley's Blend and Palm Court are the ones I have tried, thus far. I'm looking for a non-bitter and somewhat mild tea. I will taste some of the Darjeelings before I make a decision.


Belinda said...

At our teas at church there seems to be an overwhelmimg request for Decaf. We have also had raves over the Rooibos based red bush teas.-Harneys African Autumn was served yesterday and enjoyed by most. Also offered a Decaf Earl Grey.
There are so many ways you can go and planning for the tastes of a crowd can be daunting !!

Marilyn Miller said...

A black tea can be tricky for a large group of non-tea drinkers. Good luck with finding the perfect one.

Steph said...

What an event this will be! Best wishes!

Angela McRae said...

I hope you will consider telling us what you thought of all these teas! I haven't tried any of these blends, and since I know you're a tea "purist" I would be most grateful to know your opinion!

Angela McRae said...

P.S. Once you've made your final selection(s), that is!


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