Friday, October 2, 2009

Homecoming Parade 2009

Everybody loves a small town parade. Granddaughter KJ and Grandpa (GJ) rode on the fire truck with City Council.
Go BCHS Pirates! Our school is a small Pre K - 12th grade independent school. Three generations of my family, has attended Berea Community School.
FYI - Our town also has a large county middle school and high school.

Once a Pirate, always a Pirate! While watching the parade, I visited with families who also have third generation Pirates.

AJ rode with the middle school soccer team. He is only in 5th grade, but is one of four 5th grade boys who made the team. He is on the far left on the tailgate below.

In the photo above, you have a view of the mountains (ok, Kentucky hills) in the background, and a view of one several historic buildings on the Berea College campus (right) and Historic Boone Tavern Hotel on the left.


Paula said...

I love a parade!

Anonymous said...

This brings me back to my own youth where I lived in small towns and out in the country. I love the big city life but I'll always understand the small town sensibility too. --Teaternity

Stockpiling Mom said...

That brings back memories!!!!


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