Monday, October 19, 2009

Tea Time With Berea Health Ministry Photography and Details

Can you see my little photographer at work in the background of this photo? He took some very, very close-up photos of tea cups at his eye level. (So cute!!) I am "Bubba" to PJ. He can say Grandma, and sometimes he calls me that. It's really funny when he yells for "Bubba" across a crowded room.

Just a quick note because some of you asked — I plan to post photos of all 23 tables. I will share the menu, kitchen photos and other details. Watch for a giveaway at the end of the Tea Time With Berea Health Ministry postings. Sorry for the delay today in posting, but I was working with the local newspaper on table winners and photos of the event and much more!


Paula said...

My Gman used up half of a disposable camera on a 20 minute drive between our house and his preschool. 14 pictures of sky, random houses, his jeans, and the back of the drivers seat. Kids definitely have different perspective on picture taking.


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