Saturday, November 28, 2009

Kentucky vs Tennessee — Football

The family is ready for the battle between the blue and the orange. GJ and AJ have on their Kentucky Blue, the daughter is in neutral white and the SIL has toned down his Tennessee Orange a bit to go tailgating with his extended family of Kentucky Wildcat fans. I'm sure he will be fully decked out in orange before the 7 pm game. It is a perfect day for football.

Four year old PJ and I are staying home for a fun evening of pizza, baking cookies, playing games and watching movies.

Update: TN 30 KY24 (in overtime)


Paula said...

Nice of M to go nuetral! That game was a total let down! I'd rather lose by alot than by a single run in OT.

bennie and patsy said...

My son never missed a Tennessee game, he went to school at UT.
Did you see my Tea post?


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