Monday, December 7, 2009

My Home/Hobby Tea Room

The work is complete on the renovations to our house. The decorating, however, is not complete. Especially window treatments. But after receiving requests from a few readers of this blog, I am showing you my "tea room." If you recall, from previous posts, this room started as GJ's home office/reading area, but a support wall had to be moved from where the architect drew it, the size of the room increased by 4 feet, I eliminated a door, and GJ began to call it "Linda's Tea Room." The more he called it that the more exciting the idea became! The opening above was originally a huge floor to vaulted ceiling window on the front outer wall of our living room/dining room. The wall to the left in the foreground of the photo was our leaking chimney. The new rooms were built around/beyond the chimney, the top was jack-hammered off, and no longer do we have a leak! This is now the entrance into my "tea room."
As you enter the room and and to the right...
continuing around the room to the right... (2 smaller angled windows in the new family room and tea room on the new front of the house replaced the same shaped huge one taken out)
continuing to the right around the room.... the furnishings in the room are a combination of old, older and not so old. The cherry table GJ made on the left, a drop leaf table my uncle, Aunt Ida's husband, made, a corner cabinet she had made and used in her "beauty shop" 1936 - 1946, a double modern Danish table she gave GJ, and various gifts, antiques and some pieces I picked up at a home furnishings consignment store.
The wall directly behind the drop leaf table was the chimney, the outer wall on the front of our house before renovations.
...and back to the open entrance from the living room shown in the top photo. The door on the right above goes into the new family room, the other new room on the front of the house.
Please note: This is not a commercial tea room. It is strictly for my pleasure. I hope to have guests for tea in this room during the holidays. You are welcome to join me.


Steph said...

Oh, Linda! This is FABULOUS! Congratulations, and kind thoughts to your wonderful hubby, so willing to share!

Anonymous said...

Linda, thank you so much for sharing your photos! However, my husband will not be so 'thankful' when I show him and ask for my own 'tea room!' I love what you have done! Susan T.

bennie and patsy said...

That is just wonderful and congratulations on the new Tea Room. I plan to make your Grandma's Cinnamon Scones today.

Phyllis said...

Linda, your new tea room is just beautiful. It's every tea lover's dream! I know many will be recipients of your gracious hospitality as they savor cups of tea, with savories and sweet delights!

Angela McRae said...

I know you *say* it isn't a commercial tea room, but ... do you have any openings for Friday at 11? Just kidding -- almost. If I lived in Kentucky, I would be begging for a reservation in such a lovely setting!

Stockpiling Mom said...

Did you end up putting your tree up in the tea room?

Marilyn said...

Thanks for sharing your very own private party tearoom. How lovely. I know you will thoroughly enjoy it.

Mary Jane said...

Hello Linda!

Just beautiful and the tree is such a lovely touch with all of your tea ornaments.

I know that you will be the perfect hostess in your new Tea Room. You will have to choose a special name for such a special place. GJ so reminds me of my own sweet DH. I hope to meet him someday and serve all of you a cuppa.

Have fun being a Tea Lady in your very own tea room!

Mary Jane

Rosemary said...

This does indeed look like fun! Oh, if only PA were a tad closer... I'd enjoy a cup of tea with you today!

grannybee1950 said...

Beautiful photos of your special tea room...I'll "join" you for a Christmas tea cuppa by osmosis (I live in Wisconsin, and not in your area). How very kind and sweet of your husband to "let" you have this room :-) Merry Christmas!


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