Friday, January 2, 2009

A Year of Tea Parties

Stephanie at Steph's Cup of Tea set a goal for 2008 of having a tea party each month and blogging about each one. Her teas were fun to read about every month throughout the year. I decided to set a similar goal for 2009.

I will host or attend at least one afternoon tea every month. Some of these teas may be fancy with several guests attending at tea rooms or hotels as in the photo above of the "old" girlfriends (Ticky, Paula, Patty, Jennifer, Linda and Barb) on a weekend trip to Asheville, NC or...

...some of my 2009 tea parties could be at home with family, as in the photo above with granddaughter Kaitlyn on our sun porch. (she helped plan the simple menu) or...

...possibly I could meet online friends again for tea as Gwen, Susan and I did in Loveland, Ohio last spring. Or...
... I may have a simple pot of tea and quiet time for myself -- a tea party for one.

Stephanie's tea parties were creative and themed teas. I'm not committing to creativity or themes, but I am sure there will be variety in locations and menus because we enjoy visiting tea rooms as we travel.

I look forward to A Year of Tea Parties and hope you will enjoy my 2009 blogging adventure. Or, perhaps, you will decide to have your own Year of Tea Parties. I love to see photos and read details about afternoon teas!

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