Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Trip to Western Kentucky for Bar-B Q

This weekend we traveled 3 1/2 hours from home to Owensboro located in western Kentucky on the Ohio River. Known as Kentucky's Festival City. The International Bar-B-Q Festival is held there annually on the second weekend of May. There are several Bar-B-Que restaurants in Owensboro.
A visit to the Moonlite Bar-B-Q Inn is a must for our family when we are in Owensboro! The Moonlight is listed in Southern Living Magazine's 2003 Ultimate Bar-B-Que Guide and Gourmet Magazine's Guide to America's Best Roadfood. The Moonlight is famous for their buffet. We were there Sunday at lunch. The buffet featured: turkey and dressing, fried chicken, country ham, and BBQ chicken, ribs, sliced pork, chopped pork, sliced beef and mutton. The buffet also includes a large selection of vegetables, breads, salads, soups including KY Burgoo and a large dessert bar. A sign at the buffet says "Not Responsible for Your Overeating."

I purchased the Family Favorites From Moonlite® recipe book. In addition to their favorite recipes, the book tells the story of how the Bosley family started with a 30 seat diner and built the business into the famous 350 seat restaurant, national catering facility and online business it has become today. ­
By the way, two of my favorites, in addition to the Bar-B-Q, are their cornbread muffins and the buttermilk pie. Both recipes are in the book. Yipee!

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