Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Good Times With Old Friends

This group of "old" girlfriends from elementary and high school have been getting together for outings since we celebrated our 50th birthdays a few years ago. Last night we went to an Italian restaurant in a nearby town. We all ordered different items from the menu, just like each of us and our families are different. Everything was delicious. We enjoyed an evening of visiting, catching up, and lots of laughter. We phoned an out-of-state member of this "exclusive" group and passed the phone around so each of us could chat with her as we begin plans for a big get-together in the fall.

The evening turned into an surprise early celebration of my birthday with fun cards and a gift of a beautiful pink teacup floral arrangement. Do these gals know me or what?!?

Thank you Patty, Jennifer, Ticky and Karla. I loved the cards, the teacup and saucer and the flowers. You are all very special friends!


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