Monday, March 23, 2009

Not A Teapot

This is a beautiful RS Prussia chocolate pot and cups set given to me by Aunt Ida. She loved this set and enjoyed seeing it in my dining room displayed on my mother's handcrafted cherry Welsh Hutch.

This is NOT a teapot!! I am amazed at the number of Chocolate pots I see in antique shops labeled as teapots! You would think if an antique dealer knows how to price the product he or she should know this pot is not "short and stout with and handle and spout." Thus far, I have refrained from making the correction to the clerk/dealer, but I admit, I am quick to clarify the difference with my shopping companions.

This is one of my "tea pet peeves" sort of like "afternoon tea" is NOT "high tea! " I'll discuss that sore subject another time!

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