Monday, April 13, 2009

While We Are on the Subject of Tea Towels...

Several blogging tea friends and I have been discussing "tea towels" and whether to use or save them.

This is an example of an everyday dish towel/ tea towel. This one is special to me and I have not yet used it. It has been used many times, however, by a lovely Kentucky lady named Laura. Two of these dish towels were given to me by my friend, Mary, when she cleaned out Laura's kitchen and house in preparation for selling. Laura is living in a local nursing home with several health problems including Alzheimer's. Mary and I have been friends and extended family members for nearly forty years. We have been a support to each other during both our mother's journeys with Alzheimer's.

I will think of Laura, and my own mother, Naomi, when I use these dish towels.

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