Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Another Tea Caddy

Last week I posted a photo of my tea caddy/canister collection. Today at TJ Maxx I spotted the black ceramic one above with the wood lid. As I rearranged a few things around on my kitchen counter to make space to take the photo of the new tea caddy, I realized I should also include my 1991 Longaberger® Tea Basket (below) with painted lid in the count of tea caddies. So now, I have eight tea caddies.

I have a long way to go before to acquire as many tea caddies as I have teapots, but the fun search is on!

Comment Moderation

Yesterday Sarah at BritGal in the USA posted that she had been hit with a bunch of unreadable junk comments on many different posts and she felt it necessary to turn on Comment Moderation. Unfortunately, I too have been hit and have turned on comment moderation until they lose interest in my blog. (hopefully soon!) Sorry for the inconvenience. I appreciate the comments from my blogging buddies!

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